common questions


What is a Financial Coach?


The term means different things to different people. I'm not a Financial Adviser, an insurance salesman, or a Financial Planner. Financial Advisers focus on your money's behavior, whereas a Financial Coach focuses on your behavior with money.


I help hard-working people learn to control their money so they can become debt free and build a brighter future.


I believe debt is the single biggest obstacle between the average working person and financial freedom. So, I'm on a mission to help people get out and stay out.


What topics do you cover?


My goal in working with you is to help you become confident and competent in all things personal finance. We cover budgeting in great detail as it is the foundation of paying off debt and saving money. When applicable, we provide coaching on working with debt collectors. We also provide coaching on unity with your spouse, insurance, investing, real estate, college planning, and raising money-smart kids.


When appropriate we involve the right professionals to get you the best help available. Eventually, everyone should add an investing professional to their team. Sometimes we need to bring in tax professionals, attorneys, or real estate agents. 


How long do you coach people?


Each session is between 60 and 90 minutes. In month one, we do an initial coaching session as well as a follow-up session. Beginning with month two, we meet for one session per month with points of contact in between as needed. I usually work with people for at least three months, as that is about how long it takes to start developing the new habits and disciplines one needs to succeed in their finances. 


Where do you meet with people?


A lot of the coaching I do is done locally at coffee shops and libraries. I am also proud to provide virtual coaching using webcams and screen sharing technology over the internet. You do not need to live in Boise in order to receive the help you need to start winning with money.


How much does it cost?


When something costs you money, it means you won't get those dollars back. When you invest in something, it means you plan to get a return on your money. Consider your coaching fees an investment into your and your family's future because I certainly plan to get you a return on your money.


Coaching fees are discussed with individuals at the end of the free consultation. This is for several reasons, but the main being that some situations merit special considerations.