About ME

Success comes when you're focused and intentional over time. That's exactly what I help you do with your finances. "

Steven Norris

Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach

My name is Steven Norris.

I used to be normal.


I've borrowed money to pay for cars, furniture, jewelry (for my wife), schooling, and vacations. I've squandered inheritance. I had debt and married into more debt. I let things that any reasonable person should expect to happen become emergencies because I didn't plan ahead. I lived paycheck to paycheck and spent anything that was extra. I sailed off to college without a thought about the cost or what student loans might mean for my future.


Unfortunately, this is all pretty normal stuff in America today. But normal is broke! Normal means you can't retire when you'd like to. Normal means stressed. Normal means paycheck to paycheck. Normal often ends in divorce. Normal means never getting ahead. Normal means your kids will follow in your same financial footsteps. Normal sucks!


I'm not normal anymore and I don't want you to be either.


My journey to financial wellness started in 2009 in Alaska when my wife and I first took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University class. We would never be the same because we learned that there's a better way to handle our money and we started to see it working in our lives right away.


I began reading, watching, and listening to nearly everything I could get my hands on and learning as much as I could about how money works. I quickly learned the power of having a plan for your money. My wife and I started to do things differently - like saving up the cash to buy things we wanted. We started eliminating many would-be emergencies by simply planning for them. We have money set aside for unexpected emergencies. We hold insurance policies that will provide security for our family in the event of tragedy. We give freely. We plan for our future as well as the future of our children. I know you want the same.

Having a plan in place has caused my wife and I to thrive. And more importantly than that, we have peace. We don't stress or argue about financial things. We work together and always know where we're at and where we're going. All of this has fueled my desire to help you because I want you to experience this same peace in your life.


I began sharing my passion with co-workers, friends, and family and loved being able to help them gain more control of their money. After several years of this, I knew I wanted to pursue helping others on a bigger scale. I chose to get formal training and decided to become a financial coach through Dave Ramsey's Financial Coach Master Training program. I was personally trained by Dave Ramsey's team and his right hand man, Chris Hogan. Chris is the author of national bestselling book Retire Inspired and is arguably America's most trusted voice on retirement and financial planning.


It's been over 10 years since my wife and I introduced these new behaviors into our lives and started living by new principles. We'll never go back. 

I want the same for you and I'm here to help!